Latest Update: Port Congestion and Driver Shortage at Port of Long Beach

October 6, 2014. San Diego – American Trucking Associations Chief Economist Bob Costello told the annual ATA Management Conference & Exhibition that freight volumes in the trucking industry continue to grow, but the looming driver shortage could hold back industry growth.

“Industry revenue and average revenue per mile are increasing nicely as capacity remains constrained,” Costello said. “However, the industry is having a difficult time adding trucks due to the driver shortage.”

October 8, 2014. The port is now addressing issues regarding congestion by facilitating solutions. The Harbor Department continues to identify the key issues with our tenants and other key stakeholders to seek solutions as quickly as possible.

According to Dr. Noel Hacegaba: “There is a chassis imbalance.This is a big part of the congestion issue and I have been facilitating discussions with the key players to find relief as soon as possible.”

the Port team is also seeking a discussion agreement with the Federal Maritime Commission to have substantive discussions with the Port of Los Angeles on congestion issue.

From Flegenheimer International:

      While the port is seeking solutions on the issues mentioned above, due to the severe driver shortage and congestion, we would like to let our clients and importers know of the delays and possible demurrage fees that they may incur. There are times when x-rays are not being completed until the last free day and it is extremely hard for truckers to get this containers picked up the same day. Unfortunately not all terminals extend their free time. We highly suggest our clients to be more involved in communicating with the truckers and to know the current status of their containers. We will continue to do our best in monitoring the shipments and provide high quality service to our importers.

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