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Updates on Possible West Coast Trade Disruption

On June 25,2014, CBP has released an interim procedures for possible west coast trade disrruption that could cause major delays and cargo vessel arriving at west coast ports. Stated in the CSMS (Cargo Systems Message Service) 14-000370: “CBP will continue

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ISF Update

We have been experiencing some ISF holds caused by incorrect or incomplete bill of lading information provided to us on the 10+2 form. It is crucial that your shipper provide the correct and complete Bill of Lading number for each

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Government Shutdown

As you are all aware by now there has been a lapse in appropriations requiring the federal government to shutdown as of midnight on Monday, 9/30.  After our first full day in this environment, we can report the following: Customs

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Countervaling Duties on Shrimp Declined by U.S.

The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) voted against countervailing duties on shrimp imported from seven countries including China, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Ecuador. In a 4-2 vote today, the ITC determined there was no injury or threat of

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Important Information for All Importers

Ocean Importers – Please Read The International Longshoremen’s Association’s labor contract covering labor on the East and Gulf coasts is due to expire at midnight on February 6, 2013. Negotiations continue between the ILA and the U.S. Maritime Alliance but

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Reminder to Ocean Importers

Effective August 1, 2012, the Pier Pass (or Traffic Mitigation Fee) at Los Angeles/Long Beach terminals will increase from $60.00 to $61.50 per 20’ container and from $120.00 to $123.00 per 40’ container. These higher rates will apply to any

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Time Saving Strategies

To help Flegenheimer International obtain all necessary releases and get your shipment to you in the shortest possible time, we have a couple of suggestions: 1) Provide your commercial documents (commercial invoice, packing list, additional required documents, shipment info) as

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Argentina Loses GSP Privileges, Korean Shippers

Argentina Loses GSP Privileges On March 26, 2012, President Obama issued a Presidential Proclamation suspending Argentina’s eligibility for GSP privileges because Argentina has not acted in good faith in enforcing two longstanding arbitration awards. As of May 28, 2012, goods

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Revocation of Anti-dumping & Countervailing Duty on Norwegian Salmon

On January 26, 2012, the U.S. International Trade Commission determined that revoking the existing anti-dumping and countervailing duties on fresh and chilled Atlantic salmon from Norway would not be likely to harm the U.S. salmon-farming industry. This finding comes after

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Merchandise Processing Fee Increased to 0.3464%

Congress has voted to increase the Merchandise Processing Fee collected by U.S. Customs on every formal entry to 0.3464% of the FOB value from the current 0.21% of FOB value.  This increase has not affected the minimum MPF charged of

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