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Announcement: Port Congestion Surcharge – U.S. West Coast Imports

To All Our Valued Customer/Importers, We would like to inform you of the port congestion surcharge that was announced by some steamship lines today. It will be in effect on November 17,2014 and will remain effective until the steamship lines

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APL Advisory on Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach Closures

September 23rd, 2014   Port of Los Angeles/Port of Long Beach closures     Dear APL Valued Customer,   Please be aware of the interruption of regular operating conditions at many Los Angeles and Long Beach terminals after a fire

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August 13, 2014   Dear APL Valued Customer:   Please be reminded that effective July 28th 2014, APL implemented a $200/unit Generator Set Fee for Refrigerated Cargo under CY delivery at United States water port destinations.    This fee must be

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Dockworker’s Labor Contract to Expire on June 30,2014 at West Coast Ports

The Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) have been engaged in talks since May 12. 20,000 dockworkers at 29 West Coast ports are still under negotiation for a new labor contract.  Current 6 year

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An Update on International Longshore and Warehouse Union and the Pacific Maritime Association Negotiation

Flegenheimer International would like our importers to be aware of what is happening between ILWU and PMA negotiations. On May 12,2014, Contract negotiations were launched on a positive note, giving hopes that a new agreement could be reached without disruptions

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Continuous Bond, Dairy Milk Solids, Remote Location Filing, Fish & Wildlife, January 2010

BOND COVERAGE REQUIRED FOR ISF 10+2 EFFECTIVE JANUARY 26, 2010If you currently have a Customs Continuous Bond on file, that is great! You have no further worries. If you do not, it is in your best interest to apply for

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ISF Information

Update on ISF Mitigation Guidelines final rule expected to be published on July 17 2009 Here is a heads upImportant Information Regarding ISF Customs and Border Protection expects the Importer Security Filing (ISF) Mitigation Guidelines to be published in the

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10+2 Enforcement Update and FSIS Exemption Changes05/01/09 Customs says they will start penalizing importers for NOT meeting ISF 10+2 rulesDuring recent seminars with US Customs, it was made very clear that they will not withhold from penalizing those companies that

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Bond Requirements for Shrimp, 10+2 Updates, Import Restrictions, and the Lacey Act

04/07/09Bond Requirements for Shrimp, 10+2 Updates, Import Restrictions, and the Lacey Act Enhanced Bond Requirement NO longer required for Shrimp subject to ADD/CVD as of April 1,2009Please click here for more information. ISF 10 + 2 UpdatePlease take immediate note

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"Clean Truck" Fees at L.A/L.B. Ports

“Clean Truck” Fees at L.A/L.B. Ports02/04/09 Funding will provide financial assistance for greener trucks. “Clean Truck” Fees will be collected at L.A/L.B. Ports February 18, 2009 The Port of Long Beach will begin collecting a Clean Trucks Fee on February

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